I don't need (spam/virus) checking, can I only have email scanned for one?

Yes, you can configure the service to either scan for viruses, spam or both, please follow the following step:

1. login to your cpanel

2. look for MailScanner icon (normally at the last icon)

3. look for title "Change All Domain Settings"

4. under Spam Scanning you can set it to "yes" or "no". if set to "yes" MailScanner is enable, if set to "no" Mailscanner is disable and will not scan your email for Spam Mail. At the same time you can also decide to deliver or to delete the email tagged as spam for low scoring spam and high scoring spam (this functions will only work if Spam Scanning set to "yes". The same apply to Virus Scanning, you can set it to "yes" or "no" to enable or disable the anti virus checking. We strongly recemmend you set Virus Scanning to "yes" for your security.

Note: any changes to MailScanner configuration will take effect after 10 minutes.